Learn more about the differences between heartburn products. There are three main categories of products that treat the symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn, including proton pump inhibitiors (PPIs), histamine-2 blockers (H2 blockers), and antacids. Please speak with your health care provider about which treatment option may be right for you.

Pepcid logo versus PPI or antacid heartburn relief medication

H2 Blocker vs. Antacid vs. PPI

Better understand the types of heartburn treatments and determine which is right for your symptoms.

Pepcid logo versus other over-the-counter heartburn relief medication

PEPCID® vs. Other OTC Heartburn Medicines

Find the best over the counter heartburn medicine which may help relieve your symptoms.

What Is Famotidine?

Famotidine stops stomach cells from producing more stomach acid. Learn more about how medications that contain famotidine help prevent and treat heartburn.

What Are Antacids?

Antacids can neutralize stomach acid, which helps prevent and relieve heartburn. Learn more about how different types of antacid medications work.