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Welcome to our digital heartburn library. Whether you're trying to debunk common myths or searching for answers to a good night's rest, here, you can learn more about your symptoms to better treat your heartburn.

Woman with heartburn clutching chest

What Is Heartburn?

Heartburn is the uncomfortable burning sensation in the chest when stomach acid flows backward from your stomach to your esophagus. Learn about how it occurs here.

Heartburn vs acid reflux vs GERD

Heartburn vs. Acid Reflux vs. GERD

Are heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD the same? Not exactly. Read more about the differences between these conditions, as well as their symptoms and causes.

Glass of milk with peppermint candies and fried chicken in a cast iron skillet

Common Heartburn Myths

When it comes to heartburn, it can be difficult to separate what’s fact from fiction. Understand the truth behind these common heartburn myths.

Pizza, oven mitt and soft drink

What Causes Heartburn?

Food and lifestyle choices can cause heartburn in anyone. Learn about common triggers that cause heartburn and what you can avoid to prevent future symptoms.

Lighter with a pepper for a flame

What Does Heartburn Feel Like?

Learn more about what heartburn feels like, common symptoms of heartburn, and how the symptoms differ from those of GERD.

Woman with stress or heartburn

Can Stress Cause Heartburn?

Dealing with major life changes and ongoing stress can cause or worsen heartburn. Read on to learn more about steps you can take to prevent heartburn symptoms.

Pregnant woman with heartburn

Heartburn During Pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones can trigger heartburn or make symptoms worse, leading to discomfort after eating. Discover tips and tricks to stop heartburn in its tracks.

Woman eating a cheeseburger

How To Get Fast Heartburn Relief

When you have heartburn, you want relief as soon as possible. Read about strategies that can help heartburn disappear within minutes and stay away.

Plate with healthy salad, a glass of water, and blister package gum with one piece popped out

Acid Reflux Diet Tips

Learn about the foods that may trigger heartburn and find tips on making helpful changes in your diet, in order to prevent and relieve heartburn.

Person kneeling with hands palm-up in their lap on a yoga mat

Heartburn Home Remedies & Tips

Learn how small lifestyle changes can prevent or minimize your heartburn symptoms. Check out our top tips for heartburn prevention to find what might work for you.

Person clutching pillow around their chest

How To Relieve Heartburn At Night

Symptoms of heartburn can often flare up at night, especially after a meal. Find out what may be causing your nighttime heartburn symptoms and learn what you can do to treat and prevent it.

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