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Both PEPCID® and ZANTAC 360°™ are a Histamine-2 blocker (H2 blocker) with the active ingredient famotidine. Famotidine helps relieve heartburn by reducing the amount of acid in the stomach.

PEPCID® is the original famotidine brand and has been clinically proven to be safe and effective at providing fast heartburn relief for 35 years when used as directed. Backed by 50+ clinical studies, PEPCID® is the #1 doctor recommended acid reducer brand in the market.

Explore the chart below to compare Original Strength PEPCID AC®, Maximum Strength PEPCID AC® and PEPCID COMPLETE® to ZANTAC 360°™ Maximum Strength and ZANTAC 360°™ Original Strength. Please speak with your healthcare provider about which heartburn treatment option might be right for you.

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Maximum Strength Zantac 360 Heartburn Relief Medicine
ZANTAC 360°® Maximum Strength
Classification H2 Blocker H2 Blocker
Active Ingredient Famotidine Famotidine
Adult Dosing 1 tablet 1 tablet
Intended Use Treats and prevents unexpected heartburn Treats and prevents unexpected heartburn
Onset of Heartburn Relief Starts to work in minutes1 Starts to work in minutes1
Duration of Acid Control or Neutralization Up to 12 hours2 Up to 12 hours2
Prevents Heartburn A white checkmark icon in a dark blue circle.5 A white checkmark icon in a dark blue circle.5
Controls Acid All Night A white checkmark icon in a dark blue circle.2 A white checkmark icon in a dark blue circle.2
Original Famotidine Brand, Clinically Proven Heartburn Relief for 35 Years
#1 Doctor Recommended Acid Reducer Brand
#1 Gastroenterologist Recommended Acid Reducer H2 Blocker Brand
Backed by 50+ Clinical Studies

PEPCID® provides fast heartburn relief in minutes and lasts all day.* Learn about the PEPCID® money back guarantee and find the details about our policy here

* Starts to relieve heartburn in 15-30 minutes. Based on 8 hours of symptom relief studies during the day.

1Starts to relieve heartburn in 15-30 minutes.

2Based on 9 hour acid control studies during the day and 12 hour acid control studies at night. Acid control does not imply symptom relief.

3Prevents heartburn if taken 15-60 minutes before a meal.

4Starts to neutralize acid on contact.

5Prevents heartburn if taken 10-60 minutes before a meal.

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